• Oh and it has come a cropper on occasion. I don’t know if it is obvious in the picture but the trackpad is buggered with a big crack. It makes me twitchy just thinking about it.

  1. oooh what a great idea! I am loving your blogplatz, especially the wine in the yoghurt pot! I think that could catch on.

    Mine will come soon. x

  2. That. Is. Funny. 

    I am so on this, as soon as I figure out what to take the photo of – my sofa is really boring. I may dress it up 🙂 

    Thanks for the tag and the NaBloPoMo inspiration! Yay! 

  3. Romina Garcia

    Awesome concept! I blog whereever I bloody can. Kitchen, Toilet, Dining Table, Outside, Inside lol!! Hopefully the kids give me a second tomorrow to post about it xx

    • Ha ha. You sound like me. I think that I have done it in every room of the house… but the kitchen is where most of it gets done. I already have a legitimate reason for being there… cooking. Easy to to a little bit of blogging on the side. Hope we get to see your blogplatz. BM x

    • Yay. Looking forward to that then. So far we have seen some Barbara Cartland types, the kitchen bloggers and the desk bloggers. I am waiting for the bog bloggers to wade in. 

  4. Anonymous

    What a clever idea. And what a nourishing-looking work station! Was tagged by Sahdandproud so have Come Out on my blog with due acknowledgments to you.

    • Welcome Lady Melksham. I am perhaps regretting that I made mention of the yogurt pot. Perhaps I have now lost some of my mystery… perhaps we all have after posting our photos. x

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