1. chinketta

    Warning! Swear word coming up! Fucking brilliant! Had me crying into my tea! Fucking brilliant! Ooops! Sorry early warning there! 

  2. Helloitsgemma

    Fab use of the letter U. Think I would have only managed umbrella. What a post that would make. Vlog. Vlog. Vlog *waves in a twirling jerry springer style*

  3. Love it! 🙂 We’re going on a Bear Hunt  was a firm favourite in our house until a few months ago when my son decided he didn’t like the bear… Now I’m not allowed to read it anymore!! Hopefully he’ll change his mind soon. 

  4. Middle-Aged Matron

    Crafty lady. Yes, umbrella would certainly have been topical for your British fans. Ever since the hose pipe ban started we’ve been drowning! U-bends also have a lot of potential. Haven’t scrubbed mine in months. 

  5. Now that was inspired. You’re very good you know! Drivel Crap ….. Love it!  You’re nearly there …. at the very end …. waiting to see what you are going to do with X, Y and Z!

  6. sharkbytes

    You made me laugh. I think that counts as a real post. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com

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