1. You wait, sweetheart! The worst thing about the whys when they explode upn them is that they make you aware of the holes in your own knowledge. ‘Why doe you never know the answer to anything I ask you,’ is my daughter’s latest favourite when I fail to elucidate why cat’s don’t need hair cuts, why Jesus had to die or why rain is wet.

  2. Fab40foibles

    love it! Especially the bogies!!! Cereal without milk! – can be eaten in pushchair on way to creche!!

  3. That was fabulous! That picture of Bibsey is great!  We have a similar charade in the morning, and Little A has just discovered she can eat her bogies. Yuk. Oh, yeah and that naptime thing – why do they fight sleep. I go chasing after it!  Will respond …. have a back log of memes at the moment! This will give me time to put my list of whys together!

  4. Oh wow!  I only just got around to this as was away on hols and then got home to broken laptop.  Made me blush!  You are too kind!  GORGEOUS photo of Bibsey!  W’s favourite word is also Nooooooo and he actually does it in my tone of voice.  Dammit. 🙂

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