¿Por qué?

Right back at the beginning of June I was tagged in a Meme called ‘Why?’. The idea, as I understand it, is a kind of parents’ revenge. I am guessing that some poor beleaguered blogging parent, under siege by some super-inquisitive and persistent child armed with the word ‘Why?’, decided to throw a few ‘Whys?’ back into the mix to see where it got them.

Before I crack on I would like to make a little mention of the lovely blogger who tagged me in the WhyFest. jbmumofone is one of that fabulous friendly brand of blogger who always make you feel welcome. I got to know her a little bit better when we were both involved in the Arsefoolery that was Blogging from A-Z in April. The only other thing that I should mention is that she does a great line in odes to beverages. Here’s one.

Bibsey ponders the transition from 'What?' to 'Why?' Someone should tell her that the answer is rarely found at the bottom of a glass.

My child has not really reached ‘Why?’ yet. She is still very much enjoying the snug fit that is afforded her by such words and phrases as:

“What’s that noisy, Mummy?”
“I need it”

She wears them well.

Nevertheless, I am game for this Meme. So, here are my ‘Whys?’. Let’s run ‘em up the flag pole and see if the cat licks them.*

  • Why do you fight sleep at naptime when you are quite clearly at the end of your sweet little rope baby girl?
  • Why can you not just sit in your cot and read your lovely books for the time in between when you wake up and when I can face dragging my old carcass out of bed?
  • Why do you insist on eating your cereal with your hands? If that is what God had intended he would not have given us the hands to build spoons. Obv.
  • Why do we have to go through the same charade every morning: you pull me out of bed with the promise of breakfast then refuse to go down the stairs, preferring instead to sit at the top, until I go downstairs at which point you cry and insist that I return to carry you down. You then refuse to open the shutters, but don’t allow me to open them. We then have tears when I either open the shutters or put on the light. Next we move on to the dance that is choice of cereal and attitude to milk: will I, won’t I? WHY?
  • Why is it that your answer to everything Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn-o?
  • Why do you think that I want your bogies? I’ve got my own.
  • Why are you so impossibly gorgeous, even when you are having the screaming habdabs? Even when I am angry? Even when you have done a big old poo in your nappy and decide to take it off yourself?

Oh and one more question. WHEN will I be allowed to go for a poo on my own? Erm, sorry, ‘When?’ is clearly another post.

And now to tag y’all Older Mum (in a Muddle), Asturian Diary and Mañana Mama. The rules apparently say 5 but I say 3 because it’s the magic number and De La Soul told me to.

Oh, and here is a fab clip of Norah Jones and Elmo that someone reminded me of recently. It’s all about Why.

*Hah! I have been wanting to use that phrase for a long time. You gotta love that management speak, non?

7 thoughts on “¿Por qué?

  1. Middle-Aged Matron

    You wait, sweetheart! The worst thing about the whys when they explode upn them is that they make you aware of the holes in your own knowledge. ‘Why doe you never know the answer to anything I ask you,’ is my daughter’s latest favourite when I fail to elucidate why cat’s don’t need hair cuts, why Jesus had to die or why rain is wet.

  2. Fab40foibles

    love it! Especially the bogies!!! Cereal without milk! – can be eaten in pushchair on way to creche!!

  3. Older Mum

    That was fabulous! That picture of Bibsey is great!  We have a similar charade in the morning, and Little A has just discovered she can eat her bogies. Yuk. Oh, yeah and that naptime thing – why do they fight sleep. I go chasing after it!  Will respond …. have a back log of memes at the moment! This will give me time to put my list of whys together!

  4. Jbmmumofone

    Oh wow!  I only just got around to this as was away on hols and then got home to broken laptop.  Made me blush!  You are too kind!  GORGEOUS photo of Bibsey!  W’s favourite word is also Nooooooo and he actually does it in my tone of voice.  Dammit. :)


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