Please Turn Over – A childhood memory

Grandpa looking quite dapper

I was reading Miffy (she is very much in favour at the moment) to the babe who is getting pretty useful at ‘helping’ to turn the pages – not necessarily at the right time and in the right order, but enthusiastically. Anyway, it reminded me of happy times and I thought I would join Ella and others in the Friday Club at Notes from Home. This week’s theme is a favourite childhood memory.

Our Grandpa, my mother’s father, used to live with us when we were very little. He had a sitting room next door to my bedroom which was a great comfort to me as a little one after lights out. I was pretty much afraid of everything: monsters, burglers, vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, Jaws from Moonraker (remember him?) – anything that was likely to creep up the stairs or out of the wardrobe to get me in the night. I felt much safer in my bed on nights when Grandpa was in and watching his telly (black and white with a dial to change the channel and a very poor picture) in the room next door to mine. When he wasn’t home he was out at his book binding class (he was very handy my Grandpa) or visiting his sisters.

A very tidy little mouse

Before bed Grandpa would read us a story. Me on one knee and my big sister on the other. We would choose from Miss Moppet, Tom Kitten, The Flopsy Bunnies, Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Squirrel Nutkin and my favourite, Mrs Tittlemouse. We were Beatrix Potter fans. At the end of every page he would say P.T.O. and my sister and I would take it in turns to turn the page.

Now I think about it I can remember his hands and that he smelt of tobacco, in a good way. He always wore a tie and used to hum a little tune as he pottered around the garden and in his potting shed. My little brother would follow him around like a shadow asking him endless questions, as he fixed the mower or mended the bird table.

Mrs Tittlemouse has recently found her way back to me via my nephew. He returned the book to me because it has my name in in the front and because I am a mummy now.

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7 thoughts on “Please Turn Over – A childhood memory

    1. bibsey mama Post author

      Welcome back Chinketta. Thanks for commenting.

      I hadn’t thought about him in a very long time. Just writing this post brought back so many memories of the littlest things. He was a lovely man and we were lucky to have him around when we were growing up.


  1. Jacq

    I too found myself thinking about a beloved grandparent when given this theme. But it was too sad to write about her, so I chose to write about something associated with her instead.

  2. ella

    Lovely post. Writing mine brought back memories of my grandfather I hadn’t thought about in years, it made me sad and happy at the same time.

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