1. I’m not an Apple fan but I certainly recognise that awful sinking feeling when I’ve damaged one of my ‘things’.
    Can you get it repaired?

    • bibsey mama

      for the moment it is working fine… it is just not so aesthetically pleasing as it once was. About getting it repaired? That will have to wait until about 10 billion other more important things get paid for.


  2. No, I think it is right to love something you spent precious money on and care about. It’s your contact with people too and shiny things just should be shiny 🙂

  3. I am a bit of a geek (the clue is in the name) and I love my gadgets. I think so long as in the event of a fire the first thing to save is your family you have nothing to feel guilty about. Gadget love is perfectly healthly, at least that’s what we tell ourselves in our house.

  4. No it’s not wrong at all, and it’s definitely ok to want to keep things nice when we are living through the chaos of small children (and it IS very pretty!).

    Now if only I could apply the same argument to the cleanliness levels in my house 😉

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