1. Josh

    I did NOT know that spiders like that existed here! I hope they don’t venture down from the alpujarras to Granada; I’d run a mile! Anyway, a pet gecko beats an indestructible army of mosquitos. And falling out of the curtains? That’s got to be good luck!

    • Hi Josh, I do think that geckos are lucky… but this one’s luck had run out. We tuck the curtains behind the radiator (yes we have central heating!) so I think the poor thing was kind of baked.

  2. helloitsgemma

    urgh. reptiles and phobics *skins crawls*. Quick get a guinea pig, it’s a much better alternative, at least it’s fluffy and makes a funny noise if you corner it.

    • Sorry Gemma. The post should have come with a warning. The bloody spider is still there. Mr B and I have been discussing strategies for tackling the issue. One of them is just to move house.

  3. Older Mum

    That’s giving me the heebie jeebies…. look at the size of that spider thing. It’s not a spider, it’s a thing. I’ve always been nervous about things around the loo *shivers*….. Agree with Gemma, has to be a guinea pig! X Ps. thank you for your lovely recent comment.X

  4. emmasouthlondon.wordpress.com

    I have to say, I love geckos too –
    and the fact that they eat the mosquitoes…
    So I’m with Bibsey on this one!
    Emma 🙂

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