Black Beauty and the power of the Pimgins

Such is the genius of Mr B, that he has discovered a new and utterly delightful (for me for me for me yip yip yipeeeee) way of dealing with a grumpy toddler.

You see needs must when the devil drives, and yesterday the devil was driving our kid at full throttle, inducing feelings of fear and nausea in her mother, me, on all the tricky corners. Those being getting up, going down, getting dressed, eating, sleeping, playing, hiding in the saucepan cupboard… and the list goes on

And now, dear darling reader, I pass on to you the details of the nuclear weapon in our arsenal of toddler taming techniques. Here it is:

I hope that you enjoyed that. I really did. In fact I enjoyed it more than I should admit – for dignity’s sake – and had you been a fly on the wall at Bibsey Towers yesterday, you would have seen me galloping up and down the landing, and on the terraza, with a broom in between my legs neighing and snorting. Just hearing the music kind of makes my heart sing. You see I was in love with Black Beauty when I was a child. Erm, not in the style of Catherine the Great I rush to point out.

Baby Pimgin

Click the chick for more Pimgin action

Now, here’s the good part. The genius of this new anti-tantrum device is in the incorporation of the music and an image search on Gschmoogle for, not horses, although they worked quite well too, but Pimgins. That’s Bibsey speak for penguins.

She loves ’em. Click the Pimgin on the right for a veritable Pimgin smörgåsbord.

Ok, I feel that my work is done here. Perhaps out there in the field you might want to try the music with other image searches… puppies, kittens, robots, pretty shoes, designer handbags, cakes etc…

You’re welcome.

Oh, and if you feel the need to thank me for this gem, don’t hesitate to nominate me for a Brilliance in Blogging Award  I am sure that there is an Idiocy in Parenting Category for which I must be a shoe-in.


6 thoughts on “Black Beauty and the power of the Pimgins

  1. Alicia

    I get it! I was in love with BB, the programme of course! So desperately wanted that flipping horse…tell you what matey, you have great imagination for Bibs, wish I´d had that a few years ago! Well done you! x

  2. motherventing

    Duh der! Duh duh duh duh duh-duh der-duh! etc Yeah, dude, Black Beauty ROCKS. I am going to have to try that on Moo. She has a fuzzy hobby horse which MAKES ACTUAL GALLOPING NOISES. Oh gawd, she’s going to be a horsey girl, isn’t she. Eek. 

  3. Middle-Aged Matron

    Might try that on my 9-yr-old when pre-ten obduracy consumes her. She loves horses. She has a pink unicorn hobby horse, but don’t tell Motherventing that!


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