1. Alicia

    I get it! I was in love with BB, the programme of course! So desperately wanted that flipping horse…tell you what matey, you have great imagination for Bibs, wish I´d had that a few years ago! Well done you! x

  2. Duh der! Duh duh duh duh duh-duh der-duh! etc Yeah, dude, Black Beauty ROCKS. I am going to have to try that on Moo. She has a fuzzy hobby horse which MAKES ACTUAL GALLOPING NOISES. Oh gawd, she’s going to be a horsey girl, isn’t she. Eek. 

  3. Middle-Aged Matron

    Might try that on my 9-yr-old when pre-ten obduracy consumes her. She loves horses. She has a pink unicorn hobby horse, but don’t tell Motherventing that!

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