1. Oh my goodness, this is precious! Sincerely flattered – I’ve seen a lot of riders and this is by far one of the best I’ve seen! I think a lot of artists could learn and benefit from this. 🙂
    “Cloud of Nappy Funk” – that could be your band name. LOL  I would so book Bibsey for a performance!

  2. ClaireRR

    Best one yet! Well done for all these extra blogs, not quite sure how you’re fitting them in or finding inspiration, but keep on going you’re making me smile.

    Will gladly fulfil Bibsey’s rider for upcoming summer tour of London. xx

  3. Great post – getting better every time! What will I do for my daily laughs when you’re finished??! Only the nappies with kittens and lambs at bedtime, eh? I have to try and coordinate 3yo’s laundry so that we have either Peppa Pig socks or pants available every day, or there’s hell to pay. The Rider idea made me laugh too, as that’s what I did in the early 90s at uni for the bands who played – Jools Holland, Rebel MC, Bad Manners etc. Organised their rider – booze etc ;). If you don’t win an award for your blog, there’s no justice in the world.

  4. I think that is the KEY question: What will we do with ourselves once we finish this month of April? Have we developed a new habit (it’s supposed to take only 21 days) of regular blogging? Will we fade off into bliss of freedom from blogging? Ah, time will tell.

  5. Pennyrussellross

    Bibsey Granny and Bibsey Auntie currently reading this together in Germany and chuckling away.  excellent post.  Looking forward to the TTT in summer !

  6. Older Mum (In a Muddle)

    Great post. Smiled through all of it. I used to have a rider in my dj days but not quite as sophisticated as yours. But I think you have inspired me here – I might have to redo it a la Little A. Loved the – whatever daddy is having – and the complete collection of Julia Donaldson – at the moment Little A is obsessed with Tabby Mctat.

  7. Helloitsgemma

    Blimey it’s a military operation on tour with bibs. Rolling stones are probably easier. My rider: crunchier bars.

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