• sophierr

      Ha ha. Love the idea of ‘porridge advice’. I just had a bit of overwhelm with it last week. Agree on the hedonism front… in moderation obviously 😉

  1. Older Mum

    *Hello* *Big Wave*…. lovely to be reading you again. Loved this list. Keep your eyes closed and gratitude are my favourite two! X

    • sophierr

      *Waves back* Hello to you too. Have been so off the radar of late. Soooo many new blogs out there! Thanks for reading. x

  2. D.J. Kirkby

    I love your blog posts, LOVE them! (but trying to post on D does my head in! I am such a luddite.)

  3. I LOVE this blog! So glad you stopped by Drama Queen’s Momma today so I could find you! What great advice! And I am a firm follower/believer in suggestion #5! Let that husband handle morning times! (When the kids let him, anyway! LOL) Which DID not work out so well for me this morning. “Cuz dad’s a creeper” who doesn’t make waffles…

    • sophierr

      … and Mr B doesn’t make pancakes, waddayagonnado, eh? Sometimes only Mummy will do. Off out tonight, so they will have to fend for themselves 🙂

      Thanks for the visit!

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